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Best Websites For Copywriters To Skyrocket Their Career

The internet has more than enough learning resources to shape you from a beginner to a pro copywriter if you take advantage of it.

With the information overload and many websites claiming to offer the best way to learn, it may be a hassle to streamline your focus.

Read on to find the best selections among many copywriting websites to skyrocket your copywriting career.

Whether you are new to copywriting or looking to improve your copywriting skills and take things a notch higher in your career– whatever point you are at…

I have put together the best websites to help you on your progress in your copywriting journey.

What Do You Need To Become A Successful Copywriter?

The right copywriter has to deliver a business idea in a clear and engaging way that will make the target audience take action to benefit the business.

The first thing you should know to do as a copywriter is to write well.

However, aside from strong writing skills, a good copywriter requires understanding of human psychology.

You have to understand what is going in mind of your prospect – potential customer.

Their wishes, blocks, dreams, or pains, all of that is the gate to their mind.

Your audience is the target, and your copy should hit the bullseye of that target.

The best copy is when people don’t recognize the intent behind it.

You talk to them as you would be one of them, and they fall in to it because you touch their heart.

Nowadays, every copywriter should use the advantage of all the copywriting tools.

These tools are essential and will help you speed up the process of writing and increase your chances to write copy that appeal to your audience.

Interpersonal skills and effective communication are important to win over potential clients.

Another important ability a professional copywriter must possess is being able to conduct research.

As a copywriter, you must have a well-rounded knowledge of the topic or sector you are writing about; this will give you the confidence to generate convincing, rich copies.

As a copywriter, you have to develop a creative mindset.

You want to avoid sounding like a regular conversation or delivering bland copies.

A great way to sharpen your creativity is by acquiring more knowledge, understanding customer psychology, and staying up to date with the trends that sell.

Best Copywriter Websites To Learn About Copywriting

The ability to profit from websites with content marketing strategies has created many available resources to learn all about copywriting.

The best part is that most of the websites are free and easily accessible, so you can conveniently begin or improve your copywriting journey.

Some recommended websites to learn copywriting include;


Copyhackers is one of the best websites for free and paid copywriting courses, resources, and templates.

They have specific content tailored to your needs, such as email copywriting, web copywriting, and more, including courses on how to become a freelance copywriter. 

Copyhackers contains everything you need in one place.

From teaching you how to set your pricing to how-to guides for complete beginners, client management portals, optimizing landing pages, and much more.

It is a great website for beginner copywriters and amateurs alike. 

Also, other very successful marketers like Brian Dean (founder of Backlinko) are recommending the website.

Testimonials of copyhackers with Brian Dean.


New to copywriting and not sure how to start?

Let Masterclass put you through!

On the Masterclass website, you can read about the types of copywriting, different niches, and clients’ expectations of professional copywriters.

You can also sign up for any of their paid courses or take a quiz on the website to find out what course is the best fit for you.

Their membership plan is in three tiers– individual, duo, and family plan depending on how many people want to learn with you. 


This blog website is also highly recommended for complete copywriting beginners.

Copyblogger is packed with relatable, easy-to-understand content about copywriting, including their free content marketing course

You can also download the free ebook, “Copywriting 101: How to craft a compelling copy” from their website by inputting your email address in the pop-up.

Copyblogger can be your supplementary learning platform by reading through their content during your free time or whenever you want to tap into some quick knowledge. 

Copywriting Course 

Copywriting course has a combination of short videos, guides, and copywriting books on their website at your disposal.

As stated on their home page, Copywriting Course is perfect for “complete beginners who barely know what copywriting is“.

The 25 minutes video covers the basics of copywriting and selling, the AIDA copywriting formula, and how to appeal to customers and convert them.

I also recommend you download their copywriting checklist and refer to it anytime you need to curate copies as a beginner.

The 7-step checklist is easy to understand and follow as a newbie.


Another learning platform where you can learn about copywriting is Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning platform that gives you access to thousands of paid courses in almost anything, copywriting inclusive. 

You can conveniently learn with Skillshare on the go via their mobile application.

Although not a free platform, you can sign up for the one-week free trial as a new user, after which you get charged on the premium.

On Skillshare, you can rub minds with like-minded learners for accountability and share great ideas. 


Udemy is one of the world’s leading online learning platforms, with over 200,000 courses in many languages.

On Udemy, you can access over 200 free and more than 1600 paid copywriting video tutorials that will guide you to becoming an expert copywriter. 

Udemy's number of available copywriting courses.

You can take courses on different aspects of copywriting taught by different tutors, so you can choose who you resonate with more.

After completing the course, you will get awarded a certificate as proof of your learning.

Udemy can be accessed via the web or mobile app, with only a few minutes to sign up and get started. 

Blackford Center for Copywriting 

The Blackford Center copywriting course is for those who want to take their learning a notch higher and get expert tutelage in copywriting.

Costing up to $500, this is an intensive copywriting course.

With interactive assignments to challenge you, one on one email access to a copywriting mentor, flexible learning times, and courses conducted completely online. 

At the end of the course, you should have become a seasoned copywriter with enough confidence to become a freelance copywriter if that is your goal, as freelancing is part of the topics they touch on.

A National Diploma in Copywriting will be awarded to you, boosting your qualification and convincing clients of your onions. 


There are no limits to the things you can learn about copywriting on Youtube.

This video-sharing platform is a goldmine for free knowledge and information.

Many channels and expert copywriters share their knowledge and quality tips on Youtube for free, and here are two best channels I recommend that you check out: 

Alex Cattoni 

Alex Cattoni’s Youtube channel has almost everything you need to become a successful freelance copywriter.

She breaks down copywriting and marketing in a way you can understand with regular video content. 

Mike Nardi 

Another Youtuber you should check out and follow as a copywriter is Mike Nardi.

He shares tips on how to land freelance gigs and increase your income as a copywriter or business owner. 

Grammarly Blog 

Writers and non-writers love Grammarly for essays, school work, projects, and anything that involves writing.

This is because it is software available on both mobile and web that helps you review your copies, pointing out mistakes and corrections to make your delivery error-free. 

Now, the Grammarly blog is a free resource for writers to get better at their craft.

It is easy to understand for beginners and great for writing experts as well.

You can also get regular updates like writing tips and grammar knowledge in your mailbox when you subscribe to the blog. 

John Carlton 

John Carlton is a name that rings a bell in the ears of many marketers and copywriters.

He is also a popular reference point for many A-list salesmen.

His templates and copies have been the foundation of many marketing copies today, so we are not surprised that he calls himself “the most ripped-off writer on the web”. 

His website is rich in resources for you as a budding copywriter, including a special course curated for freelance copywriters.

On John Carlton’s blog, you can learn about marketing secrets and more through engaging content and blog post that will not bore you. 


I love Quicksprout because not only would you learn the art of copywriting, but also other essential skills you need to stand out as a professional copywriter.

Most of the resources available on Quicksprout are free, and you can become well-rounded in content marketing by taking advantage of the quality content they provide. 

You will learn copywriting from beginner to advanced, email marketing, starting a blog, search engine optimization, keyword research, and much more.

I highly recommend Quicksprout if you are looking to master the art of content strategy and marketing alongside copywriting. 

ABC Copywriting Blog 

The ABC Copywriting Blog is a treasure chest of marketing and copywriting content for different niches.

You can even download the free ebook– “Copywriting that sells”- on their blog.

You have enough information to last a long time on copywriting, sales, marketing, brand voice, storytelling, and the like. 

Problogger Blog 

If you intend to be or are a blog copywriter, I recommend focusing on Problogger Blog.

Most of the content on the website is specific to blog posts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to build a blog website, and other similar topics. 

Aside from written content and ebooks, Problogger also features free and paid video courses to teach you the art of writing to provoke results.

The courses contain tasks that can help build your experience if you are just starting, plus you have a community of like minds to help with your questions and ideas. 

Neil Patel Blog 

New to Copywriting? Neil Patel’s blog is one of the best places to start.

You will get a quick summary and overview of the different aspects of copywriting like SEO copywriting, Email marketing, social media copywriting, brand copywriting, insight copywriting, and more. 

The blog shares free and paid top tools to help you review your work and deliver good results to your clients.

You can also visit Neil Patel’s Youtube channel from the blog to learn more about copywriting. 

Best copywriter websites examples for your portfolio

A portfolio is where you collect some of your best work to show off to clients, so you must be intentional about making it professional and attractive.

Not to worry, creating a portfolio is not as difficult as you think, even if you are a beginner. 

Here are some of the best sites to inspire your portfolio style:


You can go for a simple portfolio website like Marketsmith.

Like their tagline, their homepage is clean and crisp.

Their niches are well-defined, with pages dedicated to elaborating on each service they offer, giving clients enough information on what to expect.

And very importantly, a contact information form like theirs is something you can adopt too. 

Andy Mendes

Andy Mendes’ homepage is quite unconventional, fun, and colorful.

If you do not like to follow the formality and want something more playful, you can take a cue from his portfolio website. It is simple, quick, and straight to the point. 

Matt Phil Carver 

Matt’s homepage is easy on the eyes, with an aura of friendliness while retaining a professional look.

His blog is a great example to follow, especially as a beginner.

It features a short description of who he is on the home page and social proof from past clients, which potential customers like to see.

He also adds his LinkedIn and Twitter, making him feel more relatable and present as a recruiter on the hunt. 

Benji Shaw 

Quite similar to Andy Mendes’ portfolio, Benji Shaw’s homepage hits you with pictorial depictions of his past work.

This style piques clients’ curiosity, helping them focus on what he has to offer at first glance.

This kind of portfolio is a good example for experienced copywriters to follow– straightforward and no bluff. 

Gari Cruze 

A good thing to note about this portfolio is how it not only displays the writer’s experience in a colorful way at first glance, but also renders free service to the client without any contact yet.

At the top of the landing page, there is a link to a blog post written by Gari Cruze to educate brand owners about their businesses.

This is a good way to draw clients in and subtly show off your work too. I particularly love this portfolio because it is fun and has every detail you need.

Gari Cruze copywriting portfolio example.

Including his downloadable resume and contact information. 

Mainstreet Host 

Mainstreet Host is a digital marketing agency, so their portfolio has a more professional feel.

Their copywriting services, which include blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and more, are properly outlined with specific outcomes for each stated.

This style is a good fit if you have team members you work with or you work with an agency. 

The Copy Canary 

Her portfolio website has a good command of engaging and beautiful brand colors.

The tagline is catchy, and when you scroll down the landing page, you are even more reeled in by client reviews.

Going further down is a list of specific services she offers and a free copy assessment– and you know, surfing customers love freebies!

Evan Benner 

Evan’s website’s first page features a direct-to-the-point display of his projects from top to bottom.

I would not recommend this portfolio style for a fresh starter because you would have to sell yourself first, then your work.

In the case of someone with many projects to show off, you can afford to let your work do the selling for you. 

Anna Rogan 

This portfolio website is daring with a good touch of different colors and will keep you reading.

The home page really has most of the details and copywriting projects one needs to see in order to make a decision.

You can take a cue from her “about me” section and give the reader a feel of who you are in an endearing, natural format. 

Kelsey O’Halloran 

This portfolio is based on website copy projects, and the author displays the websites he has worked on through the home page.

The minimalist design is attractive and not too busy, yet it has many colors working together.

Your website design is very important and must give the reader a relaxing feel as they skim through. 

Joe Coleman

This simple WordPress website just contains a short bio of the author, Joe Coleman, on the first page and a sidebar for more details.

WordPress is a great start for you as your first portfolio. It is easy to use and design, and it is also very affordable. 

The Tone of Voice Nerd 

Felicity Wild is a brand voice and messaging specialist.

Her portfolio website is simple and classy with a moderate design.

Tone of noice nerd - copywriting portfolio homepage screenshot.

As earlier mentioned, clients love freebies.

And Felicity has let readers book a call via a website for a free consultation.

You can take a cue from Felicity and add a free service to your portfolio website.

This way, you present yourself as a solution provider to your clients, not just another hire. 

Sally MFox 

As a freelance copywriter, it is on you to fetch clients and sell yourself.

Therefore, you need a strong, convincing portfolio like Sally’s.

Her website features a short bio, down to a description of her services, then social proof, and an opening to join her mailing list. 

Best Copywriter Websites To Find Your First Gig 

Landing your first gig may seem like a challenge at first.

What do you do? Where do you position? How would your target audience find you?

Several websites have made landing your first easier for you, and they include;


Problogger is a great platform to learn copywriting as well as a place to get hired.

Many clients come to find freelance copywriters on Problogger, and with the right presentation, you, too, can land a job. 


Fiverr is a great place to start your copywriter career.

With Fiverr, you can showcase your skills, sample copies, and how much you charge for surfing customers to see.

Make sure the description is well written, with the right keywords, so you can rank higher than others.

You can learn more about how to start making money on fiverr in my latest article here.

Solid Gigs 

Solid Gigs is more of a lead generation funnel for freelance copywriters rather than a platform where you are found in that sense.

They provide you with leads regularly and leads on how to convert them. 


Upwork is one of the popular platforms for freelancers to get gigs.

Here, freelancers find clients and reach out to them, not the other way around.

A good profile and a convincing proposal should land you your first gig on Upwork. 


On Flexjobs, you can scroll through many job descriptions and requirements from different countries, look at the one that matches your skills, and apply.

Many jobs advertised on Flexjobs are full-time roles. So instead of your first gig, you just might get a permanent job instead.


LinkedIn is like a professional social media platform where talents showcase what they have.

As of October 2022, it was reported that over 35 million people globally had been hired via LinkedIn, and about 95 job applications are submitted on the site every second.

Position yourself correctly on this platform, and a recruiter will surely find you. 


Indeed is a job listing website where you can go to find openings and send in your application.

You can also build your resume on Indeed and submit cover letters to different recruiters.

You can get a full-time, contract, or freelance copywriting jobs on Indeed. 

Best Copywriting Website Examples With Strong Copies 

As a copywriter, you do not have to know it all.

There are copies from senior leading salesmen and marketers you can look into for inspiration;

King Kong 

King Kong was founded by one of the most successful marketers and sales book authors today, Sabri Suby.

His book, “Sell like crazy,” has sold millions of copies worldwide and has birthed many salespeople today. 

King Kong Agency homepage copy.

Digital Ocean 

Digital Ocean is a cloud technology service for small and mid-sized businesses.

Just look at their landing page.

You will find a boldly written, laser-focused copy which talks directly to their audience.


See Apple’s copies. They are the best-written example of a b2c product.

Their latest release product page has excellently written short copies that capture the benefits of the iPhone 14 pro. 

iPhone 14 product page copy
Source: has copies with a strong focus on the audience for their SaaS product.

The copies complement the visual representation of their services in a confident tone without sounding too persuasive. 


Is it hard to learn copywriting? 

Copywriting is not difficult to learn. And thanks to the many available resources, you can become a seasoned copywriter with consistent practice.

With a good grasp of marketing principles, knowing your target audience and who you are making copies for, you can convert readers to buy into almost anything. 

What is the best website to learn copywriting?

Among the many learning platforms available online, the top three I would recommend to you are Youtube, Skillshare, Copyhackers and Copyblogger. These 4 websites delivering you tons of high quality fresh resources to learn all about copywriting.


Becoming a copywriter takes hard work, the right information, and skill.

With the listed websites, you should begin or improve your career in no time, provided you apply all that you learn.

Avail yourself of the free (or paid) content from any of the listed websites, and find the one that works for you. 

Featured image -Copywriting websites examples

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