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Get Paid to Watch Videos in 2022

Have you ever found yourself sucked into a rabbit hole of watching videos on YouTube or other online sites just to kill off the boredom inside your body? But then you suddenly feel the itching guilt because you are unproductive and don’t earn money from it? Instead of feeling guilty, why not get paid to watch videos?

This article will teach you several ways to get paid by watching videos. I carefully pick the most legal options for online social media sites and legit applications, so you can choose between clips or videos. So instead of wasting your time, come and unravel how to get paid to watch videos online.

Yes, there are legit and proven ways on how to get paid to watch videos online. These websites and apps are worth spending your time with since they can guarantee you an additional income while staying in the comfort of your home. 

Can You Make Money Watching Videos?

I answered this a while ago, but if you need to hear it again, the answer is yes. You can get paid by watching videos online and providing extra monthly cash. However, you must remind yourself that it cannot be a full-blown income. But this is good if you’re looking for an additional gig but don’t want to go out.

Consistently watching video clips online can earn about $0.50 to $3 per video, which allows you to make $5 to $30 in ten videos you watch. However, many might find it as a few extra dollars a week, but it is enough rather than nothing. The wage also depends on your site, and payment methods vary according to your preference. 

How To Get Paid To Watch Videos Online

I bet watching videos online nowadays seems inevitable. So, why not use it to earn instead of doing it for recreation? If you want to learn more, buckle up as I unravel the list of online social media sites and applications you can use as a profitable side hustle.

Websites that Pay You to Watch Clips

As I subtly recognize the ways of getting paid by watching videos. Let me present the five most reputable and trustworthy websites where you can earn money. Sit back, relax, and earn cash on these websites. 

Website to Watch ClipsMonthly Average Income
Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel $80 – $150
Swagbucks Video$50 – $100
InboxDollars$50 – $80
Vindale Research$30 – $60
FusionCash$30 – $60

1. Swagbucks Video

You can choose what interests you from various Swagbucks videos, including those in the travel and entertainment section. The website also offers a variety of other ways for you to earn money, like cashback shopping and online surveys.

Along with real money delivered to your PayPal account, payment options include gift cards from well-known merchants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You receive a $10 incentive for signing up, but you can only claim it once you spend at least $25 at a store via the Swagbucks Shop.

2. InboxDollars

For watching television episodes, movie trailers, and cookery advertisements, InboxDollars will pay you in cash rather than points. Like Swagbucks, a general rewards platform may also make extra cash by reading emails, taking online surveys, using their cashback purchasing portal, and using printed coupons. 

Once you sign-up and verify your account, you will get a $5 incentive. Unlike Swagbucks, this bonus can be collected without using the InboxDollars cashback purchasing gateway.

3. Vindale Research

Another profitable online survey provider is Vindale Research. It allows clients to watch a short film through Vindale Video and finish an accompanying survey. However, unlike other websites, they don’t upload daily videos. Still, when they are accessible, videos are frequently among the choices on this list that pay the highest.

Additionally, Vindale is renowned for its comprehensive surveys, some of which have a $50 completion bonus. This makes it straightforward to reach their $50 minimum payout requirement, which is relatively high.

4. FusionCash

You can sign up for FusionCash fast and easy, and you’ll receive a $10 welcome bonus simply for doing so. Like other websites described previously, aside from watching movies, you may earn money by taking surveys and various “get-paid-to” activities on this website.

However, if you don’t cash out your winnings within 180 days of being credited to your account, they can expire. You might not be able to make much income to cash out within that time frame because the withdrawal limit on the site is $25.

5. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Unlike FusionCash, Nielsen is a popular business offering TV viewership statistics and a simple method to earn money. Just by streaming your preferred TV shows or other shows online. 

Picture showing the CTA from Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel homepage.

But please note that by registering the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, you accept giving the firm some of your browsing information in an anonymous form. By just downloading the app and using your phone, you can earn at least $50 every year. In addition, you will also become eligible for the $50 annual prize and special raffles as a group member.

Legit Apps that Pay You to Watch Clips

Seriously, this kind of side hustle allows you to earn money while doing the thing that you enjoy. If you are researching legit applications that pay you to watch clips and legit money-making apps, you might as well stretch your back as I listed it for you.

Legit Apps to Watch ClipsMonthly Average Income
Kashkick$180 – $250
MyPoints$80 – $125
Swagbucks$50 – $100
Rewardia$50 – $100
ClipClaps$50 – $100

1. MyPoints

The first application on our list is MyPoints, which pays you points for watching videos, answering a survey, printing coupons, and even playing games. Signing up to the site is free, but as soon as you spend $20 within 30 days of membership, you will earn 1,750 points – which can be a $10 gift card. The minimum withdrawal for MyPoints is $3 and a maximum of $25 which can be cashed through PayPal, converted to gift cards, or travel points.

2. Swagbucks

If you haven’t tried Swagbucks, then this is your ultimate sign! Their site is full of entertaining videos such as movie trailers. It allows you to choose the type of videos that suits your taste. Swagbucks uses a point system, and each reward starts at $3

All you need to do is download their app in Google Play or in Apple App Store, register and watch videos based on your liking or take online surveys. The difficulty level of Swagbucks is literally zero, for all you have to do is watch videos. 

3. Kashkick

If those three weren’t enough, then allow me to introduce Kashkick. All you need to do is sign in and take the profile survey. After that, you will earn your first $1. The primary way to make an earning with this application is by taking the survey and watching videos. However, it will only be offered if you are qualified. Points you will earn depend on the offer, which may start at $0.25 to an extra few dollars.

A screenshot of the Kashkick homepage. This app allows you to earn money from watching videos.

If you’re thinking about the difficulty, worry no more, as Kashkick is a straightforward app. 

4. Rewardia

Want some application that can make everyone happy? Let me introduce you to Rewardia, where you can play games, take surveys, read emails, and watch videos. Rewardia users are paid through points which 1,000 points are equal to $1, and redeem gift cards ranging from $5 to $200.

Like other applications, Rewardia requires users to sign in to earn points. Rewardia is quite a handful in terms of difficulty, for you need to earn 50,000 points to initiate a bank transfer.

5. ClipClaps

Looking for an application that works on iOS and Android? Say less as ClipClaps rewards its users by watching funny videos and playing games. The minimum earning will be $0.10 to $10 to cash out the money using PayPal. ClipClap is an excellent app, but it also encourages the users to upload their videos on the app, making it a little bit difficult in terms of use.

Image showing the ClipClaps app with earning possibilities.

Get Paid to Watch Videos On

Looking for more? Then I will give you more! There are more social media sites that you frequently use and will pay you to watch videos. You can take advantage of all the relevant opportunities to maximize your earnings while sipping coffee while sitting comfortably on your couch.

1. Tiktok

You might commonly think that being an influencer is the only way to earn through TikTok. But did you know that you can get paid by watching videos? After signing up for your account, you can proceed to the TikTok bonus icons on your profile and watch videos marked with the TikTok bonus as much as possible.

After that, you will earn the digital currency called Rubies that can be exchanged for money and cashed through PayPal. There is a limit on how many videos you can watch per day. Watching a five-minute video can obtain you 100 rubies, which are equivalent to $1.39 if converted.

2. Youtube

Whenever you hear Youtube, it’s impossible to earn money without considering that you need to have a channel with at least a thousand subscribers. Well, not anymore because you can make money just by watching videos.

To make it possible, you must choose a browser like FullDive so you can receive a payment. Payment options include Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or points. Ten thousand points are equivalent to $1, and you can boost it by referring the application to your friend and getting 2,500 points.

YouTube with FullDive is one step closer to earning more since it’s easy to use and contains stunning features such as react, comment, and share. Enjoy the perks of fast, safe, and secure privacy as you stream videos on YouTube. Regarding difficulty, YouTube was not a handy application. All you have to do is search, sit, watch, earn, and repeat.

3. Netflix

Watching Netflix might be familiar, but watching videos on Netflix as a job is somehow strange, isn’t it? This job is called Netflix Tagger or “taggers” who are paid to watch TV shows and movies on the streaming service. All you have to do is to watch and assign the appropriate descriptive data. Including actual observation of the cast, how much brutality the movie contains, and the convincing, biased information people find appealing. 

Taggers are the people behind “because you watched…” because they connect what you previously watched to the next movie, series, or documentary you finished watching. This job is quite hard, for it requires advanced English skills, close observation skills, and expertise in distinctions in terms of types of content. Needless to say, you might as well consider this a professional job. The basic pay is $8.99 per show, and the following standard income is $12.99 per show – an annual salary is estimated to be $100,000.

How Much Can You Earn From Watching Videos?

The amount you earn daily with the number of online social media applications and sites depends on the total time you spend watching daily. The starting possible amount to reach is $0.10 to $1. However, if you religiously stick with your watching plan, you will earn as much as $100 to $200 per month. Remember that it all varies according to the number of videos you have watched and the apps or websites you used.

Frequently Asked Question

I know there are lots of questions still running through your mind. So, I decided to answer some of the popular questions that might help you decide whether to pursue this side hustle or not.

Is a paid video viewing system a scam?

The answer is no. A paid video viewing system enables you to view videos while also paying you by watching the given advertisements, commercials, or videos. They provide numerous videos, from entertainment to education, to instructional. The general rule is that the more videos you watch, the more chances of earning

One of the benefits of this hustle is that membership is open to everybody and is free. Yes, you will not be charged with anything. You are free to view as many videos as you like for as much as you like while continuing to make money.

Is there a job for watching movies?

Yes, there is. Being a Netflix Tagger or “taggers to a particular movie or film is considered a job. However, I can say that most tasks with watching videos are just a part-time opportunity and not merely a job. On the bright side, This is accessible and cost-free globally, an ideal side business for home-based workers. You can begin making money immediately with the several websites I listed. To increase your income even further, you can set it up automatically. 

Can you make money by clicking your own video ads?

The answer is yes. Fortunately, a specific internet industry focuses on getting paid to view advertisements. Some folks go so far as to purchase additional laptops and smartphones. By doing that, they can display ads on several gadgets, frequently realizing a profit in just three months!

Regardless, you don’t need to be fully committed to it. By watching advertisements on your computer or phone in your free time, you could occasionally be able to earn a few dollars. By setting the videos to play in the background, you may, in some circumstances, be able to accomplish this while working on other jobs.

Picture showing monthly average income by app that pay you to watch clips.


Nowadays, it is pretty complicated to think about other ways to earn money and what kind of side hustle is convenient and beneficial. Watching videos is an entertaining and straightforward way to make more money in your free time. But keep in mind that the hourly wages are small. Nevertheless, using the well-known websites mentioned above can be a simple method to earn a decent, helpful amount of money.

I sincerely hope you have learned a few strategies to make money viewing videos from this article. I carefully selected and covered the possibilities for legitimate applications and online social media sites. That way, you can easily pick between videos or clips. So, what are you waiting for? Be productive in your home and get paid by watching videos.

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