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How to Make Money With Procreate? 8 profitable ways in 2023

Procreate is a wonderful app. I used to have times, when instead of sitting on my couch and scrolling for updates on social media, I relaxed with an iPad and Pencil in my hand and painted spontaneously.

But this was just to relax my mind after a whole day of working on some complex projects.

Fortunately, this app has more opportunities to offer and there are many professional designers, font creators and illustrators using this app on a daily basis. Many of these artists have found out the way how to make money with Procreate.

To make money with Procreate App, you need to improve your artistic skills on Procreate. After you have mastered all the necessary basics of this app, you can earn with Procreate as freelancer, illustrator, graphic or font-designer. But the best way’s to increase your income are creating tutorials and blogging.

In this article, I’ll show you different ways you can put your iPad and Apple Pencil to work to bring in some extra cash.

Can You Make Money off Procreate?

Procreate isn’t just a fun drawing software to experiment with if you’re an artist. It’s a fantastic resource for producing money.

Selling your work created in Procreate presents an incredible option for artists to earn a living.

With the raising of online marketing, the demand for digital drawing skills grows exponentially.

It’s a terrific option if all you want is some extra cash to throw around and not worry about how you’ll pay the rent or buy food. If you want to make a livelihood from your Procreate artwork, you’ll need to go out and develop numerous sources of revenue.

8 Ways to Make Money With Procreate

The Procreate app is becoming popular among artists as it lets them showcase their talent and skills on broader platforms. 

These platforms may be online marketplaces where they can sell their creations and other venues where they can show their abilities and earn. 

Screenshot from Procreate headline.

If you’re wondering what can you do with this Procreate to make money, here are some of the ways that will help you earn money with Procreate app:

1. Custom Fonts

As a graphic designer, you are working with many different fonts, sometimes on a daily basis.

Some of them become passionate about this art called font design.

Procreate font design screenshot.
Font design in Procreate, source: Freedomeer

Procreate’s potential to let you design your custom fonts is a strong suit and is a great program to use if you’re ready for it.

The program has a font-creation tool, and numerous online tutorials teach you how to use it. After you’ve designed a typeface, you can bring it into your computer’s font editor.

Places like etsy, Creativefabrica, Creativemarket, or Envato are great to sell fonts.

2. Tutorials

Once you’ve reached an advanced level in your digital art, you may help others get started by making guides or tutorials for them to follow. 

Many people are beginning to build a company around sharing their knowledge with amateurs and ambitious pros alike. 

People will pay you to teach them anything if you’ve established yourself as an authority in your field, whether a workshop or an online course.

When I say people will pay you to teach them, there’s no better website than YouTube.

When you teach people on YouTube by making Tutorial videos, the Pay per click feature will help you get revenues that will be unmatched. An average YouTuber makes up to $18 per 1,000 ad views – $3 – $5 per 1000 video views.

Imagine you have one video like YouTube channel called luma_llama on “Intro to Procreate – The Basics for Beginners in 10 Minutes” with 1.2 millions views, you can earn on average $4,800 from just one video.

Another opportunities open sites like Teachable, where you can build your own online course. Teachable is a great platform to start teaching others about procreate.

It has all you need to build and grow online course business.

If you are not sure, you can try Teachable for free.

3. Graphic Designing

Online marketing is booming! And we are living in a design aware world.

Therefore, many startups, agencies and big companies are trying to attract their potential customers with catchy visuals.

And that’s where graphic designers join the game!

They often prefer to pay someone like you to make unique graphics, logos, and materials for their advertisements.

An excellent method to build a sustainable business around your Procreate skills is to provide the graphic design as a service, either on a project basis or in packages.

I’ll always recommend you to sell your services on well-known freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Hubstaff Talent.

An average hourly rate for graphic designer on Upwork is $25. But well experienced professionals earn up to $150 per hour! Imagine you work on average 35 hours per week, you could make up to $21,000 per month!

Sure, first you have to get to this level and find customers in need of work that justify this price.

But not only these platforms can be used to find customers. A new trend nowadays is booming: social media. 

There are many designers presenting their work on social media. This helps them to attract and win potential customers through the social media influence. TikTok and Instagram are the most famous. 

My favorite example is fooarc with over 64 thousand followers.

All you need to do is present your work, or how you create your designs, and learn about the way the algorithm works. 

4. Illustrations

If you are capable, you can always get work as a freelance illustrator.

Many Procreate users create illustrations and sell them as digital files to their clients on various marketplaces like envato, Threadless or Etsy. 

New and improved illustrations are always needed to get high traffic to one’s website or for attractive book covers. 

Procreate illustration from Gregory Hartman via Procreate.

You can create small icons, full-page illustrations, graphic templates, or website backgrounds. 

The number of websites on the web is increasing daily, so why not master one skill and sell it to make money for yourself and make a portfolio?

There’s always a chance for those who seek success, so make sure to utilize and sell your skills and work to make money. 

5. Blogging

One approach to making money with Procreate is to start a blog.

Blogging has become one of the best way to achieve financial goals. It has never been so easy to set up a blog and start writing about your favorite niche.

You can write about your infatuation with the program, how you’ve used it to create original designs and images, the websites on which you’ve successfully sold your wares, a helpful tutorial, updates in the app, how to create different elements, brushes and so on.

There are many options and topics how you can engage the audience interested to Procreate topics. 

You can monetize your blog in several ways, including having readers donate to your cause or buy your products, using affiliate marketing, sponsorship or the most common way – ads.

Once you have learned how to make money with Procreate and you have established a process that works, you can even use your blog for consulting services and teach other how to monetize their skills.

An important thing to know before you start building your Procreate-blogging-business is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to research for topics, structure articles, keyword research, internal linking and other SEO relevant factors.

This will boost your position in search results and increase your chances to start earning with your Procreate blog.

If you’re unsure how to make a blog, you can visit WordPress official forums to get help. 

6. Commissioned Artwork

Commissioned work is a great way to experiment with new techniques and gain a feel for what’s trending in the industry, regardless of the project you’re working on in Procreate. 

Friends and family are an excellent place to start. Showcase your abilities by uploading some of your completed projects to your portfolio. 

Setting prices will be your primary difficulty. It’s important to factor in the time it takes to complete the project and the cost of materials when setting your charges.

7. Sell Procreate Brushes

The Brush Studio – the Procreate tool that offers you the possibility to create your own brand-new brushes.

You can adjust all aspects of your brush, with a wide range of setting and preview window to see your changes on the brush.

A screenshot from Procreate Brush Studio.
Procreate Brush Studio, source:

Etsy is a great marketplace to sell your brushes. Etsy is an excellent alternative to print-on-demand firms that need you to pay a royalty and maintain your website if you want to sell your artwork. 

Artists on Etsy can keep all the proceeds and creative freedom while getting a fair amount of attention through the site’s organic search.

You may not sell or share any Procreate brush that you did not create, as Procreate brushes are copyrighted. Though it’s safe to assume that you can sell artwork created using the artist’s brushes, you should still verify this with the artist’s licensing restrictions just to be safe.

8. Online Shop

The most freedom and flexibility in marketing yourself and your art comes from running your online store using a platform like Sellfy or Shopify. To accomplish this successfully, one must have a solid grounding in marketing, business, and online commerce.

I wouldn’t recommend going this route if you’re starting out selling Procreate artwork unless you have experience in business or online sales. 

You can find out more about what it takes to start a Shopify business in my article.

If you want to dip your toe in the water, you can start with print-on-demand sites that charge royalties or an Etsy shop. Customers interested in what you offer will require a convenient way to purchase those items. 

Being both a marketplace and a search engine, Etsy is a natural starting point for attracting new customers. To succeed in business, you must keep honing your skills and exploring new promotional avenues.

What Else Can You Do with Procreate?

Making money is one thing, but knowing the app’s features is another. So, what can you do with procreate? Let’s have a look.

Professional artists adore Procreate because it provides a toolkit for making everything from expressive drawings and paintings to detailed illustrations and stunning animations.

Or even designing products is an ideal way to use to Procreate, specially for the fashion design sketches.

Procreate is a portable art studio with all the essential features and intuitive tools you need to create stunning works of art. 

Nowadays, procreate is one of the most in-demand apps amongst freelancers. They utilize this app and sell their art on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. 

4 Platforms to Sell Procreate Artwork

Online businesses and Stores are one of the main places where you will find people like you selling their procreate art. I’ve got your back if you’re wondering how to make money with procreate. 

Below are some of the most popular platforms to sell your art online. However, I suggest you utilize more or all of them and not rely on just one!

1. Etsy

To make money off of Procreate art, I suggest you utilize Etsy. Etsy is a satisfactory compromise between printing on demand and web hosting. 

You may gain a lot of exposure and potential customers through Etsy, but the best part is that artists keep more of their earnings and creative freedom.

2. Shopify

Having your own Shopify online store gives you the most freedom and flexibility when marketing and selling your artwork. To accomplish this successfully, one must have a solid grounding in marketing, business, and online commerce.

Shopify also provides a virtual storefront, where customers can browse and buy only the designs that speak to them, all without leaving the comfort of their homes.

3. Merch by Amazon

In a manner analogous to selling stickers, Amazon Merch on Demand will print your creations on demand anytime a customer makes a purchase! Come up with a creative concept in Procreate. 

Make sure it’s big enough, and then adjust it so that it will fit on the product you’re printing it on. Don’t stress over questions of sizing and the like; Amazon offers extremely clear standards that will leave you with no room for confusion.

4. Patreon

Patreon is a great way for creatives to connect with their audience and sustain themselves financially. Patreon’s subscription-based business strategy offers it a more stable source of income than traditional sales channels.

Patreon is a social networking service that helps creative professionals and others like them to grow their fan bases. Depending on the community, members may pay a one-time fee or a recurring one to access various benefits, such as exclusive content, forums, and support.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Procreate be used professionally?

Artists and illustrators in the industry utilize Procreate, especially those who work independently and value flexibility in their artistic process. 

Many organizations still prefer Photoshop when searching for new artists, but Procreate is becoming increasingly popular for use in the workplace.

Is Procreate a good investment?

Yes! Procreate is a highly effective program that works well for both amateurs and veterans. Procreate is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a digital art or illustration program.

How long does it take to master Procreate?

Learning a new skill can be accomplished to an acceptable level in a month. Making a public challenge commitment and updating others on your progress as you go could keep you motivated.


Procreate offers an extensive range of features for articles like us. Most of us love using the app, but don’t know how to utilize it to its fullest. 

I have seen people with such excellent skillset who don’t even know they can use the Procreate app to sell their art and make a side income. 

In this article, I tried to cover all the main points that will help you build a name for yourself and sell your art on various platforms. Here, I conclude my article. If you want to hear more informative and helpful articles from my side, stay tuned!

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