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How to Make Money with MCA: 5 Business Opportunities

Looking for other means to earn money has become a trend since the pandemic has disrupted the world economy. Various gigs and income-generating sidelines emerge to help cope with those in need. Apparently, as promising as they are, not all of those are legit, as some might be a scam.

Whether becoming a freelancer, tech-savvy marketer, or entrepreneur, you should be wary and alert of your dealings. 

One of the most popular business opportunities that could make you money is becoming a Motor Club of America (MCA) associate. MCA opens several business opportunities requiring a steady internet connection and a working device. This is a great career path you must consider to increase your income.

Does MCA Really Make You Money?

I’ve been talking about MCA for quite a while, but does MCA really make money? Or is it just another scheme you need to avoid? The quick answer to that is a big “Yes”. MCA is a certified money-earning opportunity.

MCA exposes you to different ways of making money through commission, team building, and affiliate marketing. The stated method is the best for it allows you to learn more about people and gain experience, all at once. Isn’t it a catch? The Motor Club of America offers several services that allow the customer to freely choose and allow you as a member to gather experience in various ways.

How To Make Money With Motor Club of America (MCA)

I know by now that you’re already interested in how you can earn by becoming part of MCA. Well, buckle up. Whether you are a student looking for work experience or a professional wanting to make more, MCA is a guaranteed opportunity. Here are five easy ways to earn with MCA.

1.Become a Motor Club of America Associate

Being an MCA Associate sets you off an opportunity to sell the services that the Motor Club of America offers as long as you keep your chosen package. Whether you choose the Total Security Package or Total Security Platinum package, you have every right to sell it on behalf of MCA.

Here you will earn 100% to 200% of the commission directly deposited into your account. The biggest catch, though, is that it will be given weekly, so you don’t have to be concerned about waiting for your check. What’s more impressive is that, as an associate, you have the privilege to experience the excellent road assistance of MCA.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn with MCA is through affiliate marketing. All you have to do is to promote and sell the services provided by the company to your friend, family, or even drivers on your block, and later on, you will earn your commissions. The more people you engage, the bigger the money you can take home.

You can advertise MCA using your social media accounts to gain more audiences. The power of social media can reach several people around the globe, which could help educate them more about MCA. Your effort can make an impact and change others’ lives.

3.Towing Service

Being an MCA associate means you also enjoy the benefits of the membership as a customer. First, you will have the Total Security Package and experience over $150,000 worth of coverage for only $19.95 a month.

Some big companies offer road assistance too, but with MCA, you will get the same privilege for nearly half the price. Not to mention that they have an unlimited towing service as long as you meet certain conditions. What a great steal of a deal in their membership program.

Screenshot showing the plans from Motor Club of America, which you'll get once you associate and make money with MCA.

4.Recruit New Members and Sell MCA Package

Earn money with Motor Club of America by employing your family, friends, and even the local drivers in your area. Adding them to your team and selling them the MCA packages will not make you the only one who will earn money, but also them. You can have a steady monthly income if you reach the stated quota. 

Each time you recruit a new member, you can earn at least $80-$90 per sale, adding the membership sold by the team you have created. As your team grows more prominent, selling the MCA packages means all of you are earning decent money. MCA proves that the more, the merrier.

5.Roadside Assistance

It’s not just towing, but MCA also offers fuel delivery, battery jump starts, flat tire changes, auto locksmith, and other roadside assistance that you and your family could enjoy. These perks are available within the 100-mile radius of the car being used.

In addition, roadside assistance is provided 24/7, and the services will be effective within 45 minutes after the phone call. To make it sweeter, you will also have services like legal roadside assistance, theft protection, travel benefits, and disaster assistance. Everything you put in and earn at MCA will be laid out in front of you – no scams, no small print. 

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How To Join MCA and Start Making Money

Joining the Motor Club of America (MCA) is surprisingly easy, contrary to how many freelancers assume. All you have to do is follow the five steps below.

1.Sign Up

Go to, and click “Join MCA Now!” to sign up. You will also be directed to to sign-up to become an associate. You have to select one of three packages that MCA offers: MCA Total Security Platinum, MCA Total Security Gold, or MCA Total Security. Always remember that you have to be sold out of the product so it’ll be easier for you to encourage your potential clients.

2.Wait for your Application

The second step is MCA will automatically send your application through email. This includes your name and other personal details required to make the membership, services, and packages to become effective. You also need to prepare your preferred prepaid card for collection purposes.

3.Meet Your Sponsor

Once the application pushes through, you will be assigned to your sponsor, who will be in contact with you within 24 hours upon your registration. The sponsor’s role is to train and familiarize you with the process of MCA.


Next, the sponsor will direct you to resources to build your MCA business upon signing up. Then you will list several people you know and schedule a phone call with them. The list of people must have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 100.

5.Ask Questions

Lastly, if you cannot do the work alone, you can contact your sponsor and call for help regarding the packages MCA offers and other information. Your sponsor can also make 3-way calls to assist you. With that, you can start growing and make your own money. 

How to Promote Motor Club of America

People nowadays are always on their phones, which is another way to gain success in promoting MCA by exposing yourself and the business on social media. It is not simply posting about the company or its services. It’s about making flexible strategies that will engage your target market.

Making accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can reach hundreds and thousands of audiences. On Facebook, you can post in every group you join. Look for optimal times when the group members are active. Make sure not to spam or post on irrelevant pages or groups.

Meanwhile, you can post on Twitter every 30 minutes to 1 hour and take note of using hashtags or labels for your audience to remember and see you.

In terms of making videos on TikTok, make sure that the information you will share is credible. Use personal stories and achievements with MCA to gain the right audience. People are watching, so make sure your post can help someone to earn with MCA.

Frequently Asked Question

1.Is MCA a Scam or Legit/Real?

One of the biggest questions people first ask when it comes to MCA is whether it’s a scam or real. MCA has been in the industry since 1926. A company with a tough 90 years of providing roadside assistance and jobs to many people is somehow hard to consider a scam. 

2.How does MCA pay?

Here’s the most exciting part. MCA associates will receive 100% to 200% commission on each package you sell. This also means that the more deal you close each day or week means, you will be given double the amount you paid. 

According to last week’s sales, MCA associates like you will be paid every Friday via direct deposit. With that, all you need to do is wait for the check and not worry about waiting for payday.


Earning money during this challenging time is tough. Many companies have reduced the numbers of their employees, if not totally closed, to survive the worldwide pandemic. With all the opportunities enumerated above, it’s great to say that MCA is a promising way to earn money. It allows you to make money while learning several business opportunities. The best thing is you can stay in the comfort of your home while earning more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and experience high-quality road assistance while making money with MCA.

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