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10 Most profitable Ways to Make Money with Raspberry Pi 

If you are among the millions of people who use Raspberry Pi, you can earn active and passive income from your bedroom.

There are many ways how to monetize your Raspberry Pi knowledge. The most popular ways to make money with Raspberry Pi are mining cryptocurrency, recording tutorials for a YouTube channel, starting a blog, developing Twitter Bots, joining coding contests, sharing unused space, or sharing bandwidth. 

There are many simple but proven ways to make money with a Raspberry Pi, and this article will succinctly but also briefly show you eight of your top options.

Is it Possible to Make Passive Income with Raspberry Pi?

Yes, it is possible to make passive income with Raspberry Pi.

These handy little devices are a goldmine that can help you earn money without staying glued to your screen. 

They have the advantage of broad bandwidth, ample storage space, and excellent CPU power.

With a quad-core processor, you can run several applications on this minicomputer fast. 

These features make the Raspberry Pi an excellent device for earning passive income.

Keep reading to know how to make money with it. 

How to Make Money with Raspberry Pi 

A Raspberry Pi does not cost much, but you can use it to earn some cool cash.

Here are ten of the most preferable and trusted ways to make money with a Raspberry Pi: 

1. Mine Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is popular these days because of the money-making opportunities it provides.

You can choose to invest in a token; if you have done your research, the value increases and gives you a tidy profit.

But not everyone has the money for this. 

The alternative would be to mine that cryptocurrency.

Luckily, there are many options, including Bitcoin, Monero, and DogeCoin.

Of these three digital currencies, DogeCoin is still the easiest and most affordable to earn from. 

To mine cryptocurrency with your Raspberry Pi, you need a 64-bit operating system, a wallet, and a miner, in the form of software.

You also need to create an account with a mining pool. A mining pool is a community of cryptocurrency miners who come together to share computing power, earning more digital tokens. 

The computing power of a Raspberry Pi is strong enough to mine cryptocurrency.

You can get started by signing up with a mining pool like Cpuminer, updating or upgrading the required packages, and creating an online or offline wallet for receiving the funds. 

Sell online courses

2. Sell online courses

If you have reached certain level of expertise with this device, you can start selling online course.

The coaching and online courses market is booming and there are many DIYs or even professionals, who are ready to pay you for your knowledge.

To start making money from online courses with Raspberry PI, you can join platforms like Teachable.

The platform is equipped with all necessary tools you need to launch a successful online course.

You can also join their free Creators Hub Course to learn all about the platform.

Teachable comes not only with easy-to-use tools to create your online course, but it helps you establish your online presence and connect with your audience.

Website- and newsletter-builder, integrated payment system, API’s and different monetization features are part of the platform equipment.

Teachable dashboard.
Easy to use Teachable Dashboard, source: Freedomeer

And what should you teach about? From “how to install” or “configure” Raspberry PI for specific devices like 3D printers, or servers, to the related coding languages like Phyton.

A more advanced idea would be to offer courses focused on building specific projects.

It would be worth researching who else needs specific knowledge related to it and extending your course with it.

3. Tutorials 

Similar to online courses, you could use your knowledge of Raspberry Pi and share it with other people.

There is one significant way to make money through tutorials about Raspberry Pi: YouTube. 

Starting your own YouTube channel can be a great idea to make money with this smart device.

From guides on “how to configure the device” to “how to choose the right accessory”, like SD card to “how to build your first mini computer” with Raspberry Pi.

There are endless content ideas you can start to creating your videos.

Who knows, you can even post videos showing people how to earn money with your Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can share the projects you are building on it with others.

You earn money from the views you get or commissions you receive. The amount you can earn through YouTube depends on the number of video views your channel generates. The platform pays between $3-$5 per thousand video views.

The Raspberry Pi has also a CSI camera port that allows you to connect a camera to the system.

You can stream HD videos to YouTube through the Raspberry Pi camera module.

Our next point will show you how to make money with Raspberry Pi by providing written information. 

A screenshot showing different Raspberry Pi computers and microcontrollers that can be used to make money.

4. Blogging 

How much do you know about Raspberry Pi?

If you have spent time learning about the minicomputer, consider starting a blog about Raspberry Pi.

People are always looking for direct and helpful information; collect your thoughts and put them out there. 

Remember how it was a hassle for you to learn how to use your Raspberry Pi like a Pro?

Well, you can simplify that knowledge for other people. 

In the process, you can become an affiliate marketer or product reviewer

Or you can blog about pretty much anything that interests you.

The world will always need information, and your Raspberry Pi can help you put it out there.

If your website ranks high on Google’s top-ranking searches, you can make as much as $2,000 monthly

All you need to start with blogging is to register a domain, and chose a suitable hosting provider and a CMS -Content management system.

For CMS, I would recommend you WordPress. It is the easiest way to set up and manage your blog.

To register your domain and for hosting, I would recommend you Bluehost.

The reason is the same as with WordPress, it is very easy to set up and the support is very helpful with everything.

At the time of writing this post, they have a 70% sale, so the monthly hosting plan would cost you $2.95/month with free domain, SSL and CDN included.

So visit their homepage to check if it’s still active.

Before you start, try to learn as much as possible about SEO – search engine optimization.

5. Twitter Bots

We especially love this option because it allows you to use the power of social media to your advantage.

A baby influencer on Twitter can earn up to $20 for promotions, while the big sharks make $2,000.

And it all starts with a tweet! 

However, if you have other things going, you may not find enough time to keep twitting constantly.

And you must keep an active profile to get engagements. 

People buy Twitter bots for as much as $25 to make automated tweets for them.

It is a terrific way to make passive income without searching for captions or content, and your Raspberry Pi can help you build this software.

The Twitter API, luckily, allows you to connect a Raspberry Pi to build Twitter bots that improve your client’s following.

You can give yourself an edge in the competition by sharing explicit detail about the solutions your bot offers. 

If you’re looking for an advanced guide on how to build Twitter bots, check out some online courses like this one.

6. Starting an online shop

Yes, with Raspberry Pi growing in popularity and demand, this way of earning with the little device is becoming more serious.

Building your own online shop with Shopify or with E-commerce plugging like Wocomerce has never been easier.

You can position yourself as an expert with all related parts to it.

Furthermore, digital products like e-books would be a great extension to sell in your online shop.

7. Share Bandwidth 

By becoming a node on a network like BrightData, the most prominent web data platform worldwide, you can share your bandwidth with them and earn money monthly.

Your Raspberry Pi has ample storage space, which you can put to work if you are not using it. 

Screenshot from the hero section of Bright Data - platform that can be used to make money with Raspberry Pi.

When companies need to source information from a specific location, nodes from that area offer their services for inquiries.

This is a way to passively earn income, as you will get paid based on the bandwidth used. 

Platforms like these use Raspberry Pi owners from around the world together to gather and update accurate information on the World Wide Web.

You get paid by staying online, and since the Raspberry Pi can run all day, it can help you earn up to $15 monthly. 

This is one of the Raspberry Pi passive income options. 

8. Share Your Unused Storage 

If you have enough unused storage, nothing stops you from sharing with internet users who need more.

There is no doubt that there are many virtual platforms for storing sensitive data, but even these places are not a hundred percent failproof. 

On the other hand, saving your information on a hardware device like the Raspberry Pi is much safer because the storage happens offline. There are no risks of a server collapsing or even a security breach. 

You can rent out unused storage space for some cool cash, as much as a dollar for every ten GB! 

The more space you rent out, the more money you make.  

9. Coding Contests 

One of the primary reasons to buy a Raspberry Pi is the coding lessons you can learn with it.

If you believe you have some footing already, you can improve your skills by participating in coding contests.

These are coding tournaments organized by organizations like HackerRank, TopCoder, CodeChef, and Codeforces. 

Not only will these competitions help you discover where you are lagging, but you can also earn some money and recognition if you emerge among the top coders. 

10. Retro Gaming System 

Retro gaming is a fun way to relive the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Back then, the gameplay was amazing, with many options that ensure you enjoy an adventure without leaving your bedroom. 

Now, you can sell retro games if you understand how they work. A place like eBay is excellent for getting buyers. 

Many tutorials show you how to build a retro gaming system with your Raspberry Pi, and you can sell your project for cool cash.

A Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive minicomputer you can purchase in bulk and build retro games on, and people will buy them. 

How to Start Making Money with Raspberry Pi 

Making money with Raspberry Pi is straightforward.

Here are some pro tips, that help you start earning faster: 

1. Improve your skills

Yes, even if you might think you are skilled enough with this device, there is still a potential to learn something new. These skills might always open new doors to more earning possibilities.

Beside the basic knowledge of hardware, you’ll need to learn about GPIO, Linux, and ideally basic coding skills in Phyton.

A pro-tip if you plan to build some projects on your own is to start to learn python. Your Raspberry Pi projects can benefit from Python’s set of advanced libraries.

Skillshare offers many courses for beginners and experienced Raspberry Pi users. “Raspberry Pi [4] for Beginners” and “Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi” are the top visited on the platform.

You can sign up for the free 1-month trial and learn all you need to use the full potential of this device.

YouTube is also a good place to start, but on you’ll find many valuable resources to become professional with Raspberry Pi.

Additionally, you can find like-minded people to share your experiences with in their community.

2. Build Portfolio 

You need to build a portfolio if you don’t already have one.

This should include your niche if you are specializing, or other hard skills you feel your potential clients need. 

Your portfolio may also include projects you have worked on with your Raspberry Pi.

But if you don’t have projects yet, you can look up ways to challenge yourself with this device. 

Provide enough information about the software or tutorial videos you have put together with the device, and ensure you do it in an organized manner, for ease of skimming. 

3. Sign Up with Freelancing Platforms 

You can also earn money with your Raspberry Pi by signing up with freelancing platforms.

The minicomputer can perform several functions such as blogging, software designing, and video and audio content creation, and there are websites that connect you with buyers of your service. 

Just know your niche, and the other things will fall into place. 

4. Job Hunting 

Job hunting may not be the most fun sport, but it will be easy on your Raspberry Pi.

Ensure that you put out your skills in a well-detailed and organized manner and on a platform where they are required and appreciated. 

For instance, programming or full-stack development requires coding skills, and they are in high demand. Include the required details on your profile so that potential clients and companies will know what you have to offer. 

5. Apply to Jobs 

Apart from freelancing platforms, there are many other places to turn to for employment.

You must have already built a portfolio, an excellent online presence, and some experience in your field, so someone will eventually hire you. Go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Raspberry Pi:

Can you sell Raspberry Pi Projects? 

Yes, you can sell Raspberry Pi projects. There are many things you can build with your minicomputer. These include Twitter bots, media servers, a weather station, a temperature log, and game servers

When you find the right market for these items, mainly social media, selling them will be a breeze. 

Can a Raspberry Pi be Used in Business? 

Yes, you can use Raspberry Pi in business, and several use-cases exist. Remember, this device is just like a computer, but a smaller version. 

Therefore, it can perform the same functions as a desktop computer. It is also an excellent web server, does well at providing security, and helps improve computing skills. 

You can also use it to create a bot that will automate messages for customers. 


Your Raspberry Pi can help you end money worries, and the best part is you can purchase it for as low as $15!

You can use this mini but powerful computer to create software for sale, record and upload tutorials, and mine cryptocurrency. So, what are you waiting for?

Try these Raspberry Pi business ideas, and let us know how it goes.

Picture showing Raspberry Pi

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