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Side Hustle Ideas for a Therapist in 2022

Do you want to earn some extra money but still enjoy your work as a therapist? Are you searching for a part-time job that will increase your income? If that’s the case, a side hustle is the optimal option for you.

Thanks to the internet and all the social media platforms, there are many ways you can start earning some extra money. One of the best side hustle opportunities for a therapist is to start a blog or launch a YouTube channel. These two are the fastest and most profitable ways to earn some extra cash.

In this post, I’ll go over a number of best side hustles that therapists can take on in their free time in this article. I will give tips on how to get started, as well as advantages and anticipated profits. So, continue reading if you’re ready to start earning extra money.

10 Best Side Hustles For Therapists

Let’s have a look at the best ways to create an extra income for you. The list contains 10 best options I have researched based on expected income, level of expertise needed and benefits for you. 

1. Write E-Book

Writing e-books may be a successful side business for therapists, especially if you give attention to specific aspects like making sure the cover art is appealing and knowing your target audience. But the most crucial thing is to make sure your product is high-quality.

Expected Profits

Your profits depend on the publishing platform you choose and the popularity of your e-book.

One of the most popular among all publishing platforms is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from Amazon. If you go for the “70% Royalty Option”, you’ll earn 70% from each sale of your e-book.

With one published e-book for $4.99 sold 50 times per month, you’ll earn around 175 dollars.

With Smashwords Store, a well known global e-book distribution platform, you’ll earn between 60% and 80% from each sale.

This depends on whether your e-book was sold directly on Smashwords store or on one of their retailer platforms like Apple Books.

So if you sell 50 e-books for $4.99 every month directly on the store, you’ll earn 199 dollars.

How to Get Started

Getting started with e-book creation might be overwhelming. In addition to writing the information, you are also required to layout and format it so that it appears professional and is appealing to readers.

Here is some tried-and-true advice for writing fantastic e-books:

  • Pick a subject that will appeal to your audience.
  • Create a chapter outline for your e-book.
  • As you write, break each chapter down.
  • Create the e-book.
  • Use the appropriate colors.
  • Include images.
  • Feature statistics or quotes.
  • Include the right calls to action in your e-book.
  • Create a PDF out of it.
  • Make a landing page specifically for your e-book.
  • Market your e-book and keep an eye on its sales.

Benefits of Writing an E-book

Writing and selling e-books is one of the most sustainable ways how to make money online.

Since there is no requirement for a business or shop, selling and distributing e-books is quite simple. An e-book can be purchased and downloaded in a fairly straightforward manner.

Additionally, anyone can access an e-book, whether they reside in a large modern city, a distant town in a far-off nation, or on a remote island.

Also, with all those publishing platforms available online, it is quite easy to present the e-book to the right audience and sell it.

2. Mental Health Blog

Writing blogs on mental health as a therapist certainly appeals to you. Given that many people struggle with their mental health, creating blogs in the mental health niche can be a lucrative side hustle. This is similar to producing an e-book.

Expected Profit

Blogging has become a very lucrative business in recent years. Many bloggers have started their blogs as a side hustles and moved to a full time business over time.

It is realistic to earn over $30’000 per year from your blog in the first year. But you have to do all the things it requires to get to this number. Usually in the first 6 months you can not expect big earnings.

How to Get Started

These tips will typically apply to any type of blog if you’re considering beginning your own mental health blog.

  • Chose the right name for your blog.
  • Buy domain and hosting.
  • Setting up your blog with CMS like WordPress.
  • Learn all about SEO – search engine optimizing.
  • Research your target audience – needs, values, wishes, and block.
  • Research for low competition keywords with high search volume.
  • Create content calendar – post at least once a week and be consistent.
  • Monetize your blog – there are two main income streams you have to consider
    • Ads – ads displayed on your posts.
    • Affiliate programs – you join an affiliate program and earn when someone purchased products you recommend on your site.

Benefits of Writing a Mental Health Blog

One of the biggest benefits of launching a blog is the sustainability of the business.

Once you have established your blog as a trustworthy source of informations, you can earn money while you sleep without big efforts.

The second benefit is the scalability. As your blog grows, it will open many other opportunities to scale the business, like partnerships and so on.

Also, the blog can become a great source of new potential clients for your clinic. People come to your blog because they have some specific problems. You can use this opportunity and add “call to action” to your posts and offer them consultations.

3. YouTube Channel

Another best side hustle you can do is creating your Youtube channel.

You can share your experiences and knowledge about being a therapist, or same as with the blog, you can create videos which will help people stay “mentally strong”.

Expected Profit

YouTube channel can also become a very lucrative source of income. With average $18 per 1,000 ad views ($3 – $5 per 1000 video views) you can earn some serious extra cash if your videos rank well.

Let’s have a look on Psych2Go a famous mental health YouTube channel with 9.94 million followers:

One of his videos has received over 16 million views so far. Only this one video has generated around 64’000 dollars income! And that’s not the only one video in his channel that has achieved over 10 million views.

Of course, it takes a bit of time and efforts to get to these numbers, but this example just show what is possible with one channel.

How to Get Started

These are some easy tips you can follow to guide you in starting your Youtube channel:

  • Learn how to create a channel on YouTube.
  • Audience research.
  • Find your niche and dominate it like crazy.
  • Make your value proposition certain.
  • Purchase quality audio equipment.
  • Formula creation using template videos.
  • Become ADORABLE with YouTube analytics.
  • Authenticate your YouTube channel.
  • Make a fun YouTube channel banner.

Benefits of Starting a Youtube Channel

One of the busiest websites on the internet right now is YouTube. It is a place to find amusement in the form of movies, TV series, commercials, and, of course, humorous cat videos.

Starting a YouTube channel as a therapist can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Almost any form of video can be uploaded.
  • Linking to your websites is still permitted.
  • Setting up a YouTube channel is free.
  • With millions of daily visitors, the earning potential is unlimited.

4. Organize Workshops

You can make money through organizing workshops as your side hustle. You can apply your organization skills as a therapist in this kind of career.

Expected Profit

Workshops organizers frequently work alone and are self-employed. Based on the industry they work in, individuals determine their own hourly rates. Many independent contractors only work part-time, and rates per hour range from $50 to $200.

How to Get Started

Here are some excellent pointers to help you begin organizing your projects:

  • Determine the goal to ensure a successful workshop.
  • Collaborate with your team and the workshop organizers
  • Locate a location to begin organizing the workshop.
  • Date the workshop.
  • To plan the workshop, order attractions.
  • Develop the program.
  • Bring in the sponsors
  • Create a marketing strategy.
  • Message the media
  • Initiate a workshop ticket sale

Benefits of Organizing Workshops

When your project has a target audience, you’re more motivated to finish it. The promise that someone else will see your work when you participate in a workshop is excellent for motivating you in this way. Likewise, if the meeting is conducted more than once and new content is anticipated each time, the incentive to produce more is increased.

5. Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer allows you to earn money through sponsorships and sponsored content, making it one of the simplest methods to generate money. If you have vast numbers of followers, sharing content that promotes a specific brand or company will earn you money.

Expected Profit

No median or average pay scale for social media influencers exists. Your earning potential is influenced by things like:

  • Your numbers of followers
  • The degree of interaction with your postings
  • The duration of the marketing initiative

Your earning potential increases with your following’s size and activity. Those with modest social media fan bases can nevertheless work as influencers and get money.

Sponsored postings can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $50,000. By marketing goods like apparel, food, lodging, and even vitamin pills on their accounts, the typical influencer can earn from around $30,000 to $100,000 per year.

How to Get Started

Even though it’s difficult to become a top social media influencer, following these steps will make it very straightforward to start your own social media influencer business:

  • Decide on a niche.
  • Create accounts on social media.
  • Schedule your postings.
  • Be aware of your intended audience.
  • Contact sponsors and submit an affiliate partnership application.
  • Activate your social media profiles.
  • Engage with your supporters.

Benefits of Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer as a side hustle is favorable for you as a therapist. Your level of flexibility is up to you.

If you become an influencer, you won’t be constrained by your occupation or a set place to work. In many areas, such as travel, style, and even beauty, you have the power to expand your horizons. Working the predetermined number of hours and minutes is an option.

6. Podcast

Another best side hustle fore you are to start your own podcast. Your podcast may be as rewarding as you want it out to be, either monetarily and emotionally, if you have the correct goals and expectations.

Expected Profit

Podcasters typically earn between zero and $500 per month. However, this is only an average, and without looking at the metrics and figures for the podcast, it is impossible to forecast earnings. Some podcasts can earn 1.2 million each month, while others will see a loss of money.

How to Get Started

If you want to start a podcast but aren’t sure where to start, taking the following actions will put you on the right path.

  • Set your topic or niche
  • Look into the latest podcasts
  • Identify your market
  • Your format and pace of choice
  • Set up the recording equipment

Benefits of Starting a Podcast

If you establish your own podcast, you can reach a vastly expanded audience and increase your income.

For instance, at least 112 million individuals are thought to listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That represents about 40% of America’s estimated population aged 12 and over. Every year, the number of monthly listeners increases by 20% to 25%.

Around 81% of all podcast listeners, meanwhile, use the iTunes platform. An additional 120,000 individuals would be listening to your work if you only managed to attract 0.1% of the listeners each month.

7. Talkspace

If you’re a therapist looking to swiftly set up an online business and begin seeing clients right away, joining an online counseling service like TalkSpace seems to be a no-brainer.

Once you have been approved as a therapist in their system, marketing is carried out for you and clients begin to appear in your inbox.

Expected Profit

Former Talkspace employees who are therapists have stated that they can earn up to $20 per hour. Depending on how many patients the therapist has on their caseload, the remuneration may increase.

How to Get Started

Send in your application to join the Talkspace provider network.

After your application is approved, a week-long training course covering telehealth service delivery, managed care, documentation, risk management, and psychiatry services will be required of you.

Benefits of Joining Talkspace

Being a Talkspace provider enables you to be a part of a healthcare community that is leading the telehealth revolution. You’ll get in-depth coaching on how to use technology in your practice, increase the variety and size of your clientele, and creatively and effectively make the most of your abilities.

8. Become an Expert Witness

Another side hustle on how to make money online as a therapist is to become an expert witness. This industry is anticipated to expand 14% between 2018 and 2028, creating 118,300 employment openings nationwide.

Expected Profit

You have the option of working for yourself or joining an expert witness firm. You will be compensated for the hours you invest in reading and analyzing the information provided to you by the lawyer who hired you.

The average hourly wage is $31.71. With 10 hours/week spend on your side job, the earning potential can be around $1’268 per month.

How to Get Started

How much education you need is among the first things to think about if you’re interested in working as an expert witness.

A bachelor’s degree is held by 47.6% of expert witnesses, according to my research. I discovered that master’s degrees are held by 21.2% of expert witnesses, according to higher education levels.

Although most expert witnesses hold a college degree, becoming one requires only a high school diploma or GED.

A crucial first step in learning how to be an expert witness is picking the appropriate major. When I looked into the most popular majors for expert witnesses, I discovered that either bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees were the most common.

Benefits of Becoming an Expert Witness

The benefits of working as a medical expert witness are numerous. The payment one makes can be pretty significant. Being a medical expert witness can provide a respectable living. Pay for expert witnesses can be either hourly or lump sum. They are compensated for their specific medical training, for delivering the data, and for explaining how they came to their opinion after carefully examining the facts.

9. Telehealth

You might also be interested in working for Telehealth if you enjoy providing health services as a therapist.

Expected Profit

According to PayScale, a social worker makes an average pay of $55,070. However, dealing in telehealth implies you have greater flexibility over when and how you work, in addition to choosing between part-time or full-time hours.

How to Get Started

  • The following are the first six key steps to getting started with telehealth:
  • Establish your program’s vision by defining your goals and objectives.
  • Choose a vendor (technology partner) who is compatible with the scope of your project and your aims.
  • Build your telehealth team by choosing project champions and leaders.
  • Analyze the financial goals, restrictions, rules, and payment
  • Build clinical team buy-in to telemedicine and educate them
  • Establish distinct registration and release criteria after determining your patient populations.

Benefits of Working in a Telehealth

There are several benefits why Telehealth is an excellent side hustle for a therapist crossword. It enables both greater scheduling flexibility and the capacity to assist more patients. This gives you a sense of success and control that you might not get from training in person.

Become a Mobile Notary

To complete our list, you can also become a mobile notary by making it your a side hustle as a therapist.

Expected Profit

The average monthly salary for full-time mobile notaries is $2,000 or higher. Almost two-thirds of full-timers who have been in the company for at least three years make at least $4,000 per month, and 16% make at least $7,500.

How to Get Started

The following are the 4 steps to becoming a mobile notary:

  •  If you aren’t already one, become a notary.
  • Plan your business.
  • Make a presence online.
  • Promote yourself.

Benefits of Becoming a Mobile Notary

Time is a precious resource. Obviously, the benefits increase with the amount of savings. This gives remote notaries an edge over those who offer notary services in person. In the past, notaries were intended to meet with clients in person to observe the decision to sign of documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of therapy makes the most money?

In general, the highest paid professionals are psychotherapists, who make an average of 81,342 per year.

What states pay therapists the most?

Physical therapist salaries vary widely across the country, with California paying the highest average of $106,493 and Arkansas paying the least at $64,149.

Where are therapists needed most?

Therapists were most needed in Lima, Ohio. Lima has low cost of life and excellent pay, yet there are only 15 occupational therapist posts for every 10,000 employees.


If you’re a therapist searching for a means to boost your income in 2022, have a look at these 10 side hustles. With these wonderful possibilities, you can use your knowledge and abilities to benefit others. You may start earning extra money right away with a little work. I wish this article has provided you with some inspiration to begin going.

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