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Ten Side Hustles for Couples to Make Money Together

Prices are skyrocketing and living a comfortable life in the US is getting costlier. However, you can keep it from catching up with you and throwing your lifestyle off balance. And if you have a significant other, good for you! You don’t need to look for a business partner anymore.

There are some great side hustles for couples where you can start making some extra money to rise the income of your household.

Two are better than one! And this text offers excellent opportunities for both of you to make more money while having fun. Do you want to discover the top ten side hustles for couples to make money together?

Pet sitting, virtual assistant duo, couple vlogging on YouTube, blogging, and social media influencing are the most profitable side hustles for you and your significant other. Stop scrolling and check here to learn more about the best side hustles for couples in 2022. 

Ten Side Hustles for Couples to Make Money Together 

The biggest advantage of launching a side business as a couple is that you know each other already well. Many business owners are searching for the right business partner and often fail.

The interest in starting a side business in America has significantly raised. More than 36% of the U.S. population is planing to start or have started a side business in 2022.

So let’s have a look at the best opportunities for couples planing to start a side business in 2022.

1. Pet Sitting 

Do you and your spouse have a way with animals? Or better still, are you both raising adorable felines or canine housemates? 

If you resonate with either scenario, you will enjoy pet sitting. Finding a pet sitting gig is now as easy as placing an order for a pizza, and you can make up to $1,000 a month! 

Over 70 % of U.S. households raise cats and dogs. Fifty-four percent of the population raises dogs, while 35 percent have cats. This is a massive market for couples who also love animals. 

Here is your opportunity to do something you love and get paid. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

According to Indeed, the top pet sitting company in the US, Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital, will pay you $20.43 an hour. Fetch! Pet Care and Petland will pay you $18.23 and $19.28, respectively.

Zipper claims that a pet sitter in the US can make $12.41 per hour or $25,823 yearly. It is clear that regardless of the variation in the amount you can earn, finding a gig worth your time and energy won’t be challenging. 

You would be a godsend to households with multiple pets and handling the responsibilities will be easier as a duo. Boarding a pet overnight would pay higher, and pet sitting for longer than a week will bring you more money. 


Your most important responsibility as a pet sitter is ensuring the animals you care for receive enough love and attention. It is not just about cleaning up after them or ensuring they eat. 

Pet parents that are busy still understand that their pets need love, and that is where you and your significant other come in. They want their pet to feel loved, and you should aim to provide that satisfaction. 

You may also be responsible for feeding, providing water, and taking the pet on walks. If it is a cat, there may be a litter box to clean out. The duty depends on the type of pet and requirements of your employers, most often. 

Other basic tasks include helping the pet get enough exercise, giving them their medications, grooming or taking them to the groomer, and generally ensuring the animal stays safe and satisfied until your clients arrive.  

Where to Get Started

Some apps and companies assist pet owners with hiring sitters. Rover, Petsitter, Fetch, and are great places to start. 

2. Virtual Assistant Duo 

Skill diversification is a fantastic advantage you and your significant other can use as a selling point. Every field is undeniably challenging when it comes to securing a suitable position for yourself, but with the skills of two, think about what you can accomplish. 

Sometimes, you may not be qualified enough for the desired position, which is where your significant other comes in. 

What you lack, they make up for. Turning you down will be harder, trust me. 

You can decide to charge for your services as separate individuals even though you work as a duo. If you somehow manage to create a supply of virtual assistance that requires combining your skills, good for you. 

How Much You Can Earn?

How much can you earn while making money as a virtual assistant duo? Well, you and your significant other may decide to charge for your skills or apply together to earn as one. 

But on average, you should make between $7 to $63 hourly. You may qualify to earn higher with exceptional skills like copywriting, social media management, and graphic design. 

Indeed says you and your spouse can expect an average of $20.87 hourly if you work as virtual assistants in the US. 


Your primary responsibilities include organization, time management, and oral and written communication. Therefore, you are expected to possess these skills individually or complement each other where the other is lacking. 

If you are tech-savvy, that is a win that may qualify you for higher pay. Any other skill you have comes in handy, too, as long as it helps your clients save money, time, and resources. 

Where To Get Started 

BELAY, Equity,, and Vava Virtual Assistants are great places to start. Indeed says the top companies for virtual assistants include Towne Park, Riot Games, and Oasis Management. 

Upwork and fiverr can also be a good point to start. There are many open gigs for administrative tasks you can start working on together.

3. Couple Vlog on YouTube 

Do you and your partner know something the world desperately needs enlightenment about? Good news – it can be anything, and you don’t need much to start a YouTube channel from home

And if you are big on entertainment, have a good sense of humor, a wonderful accent, or something unique that you can make into a selling point, this may be an excellent fit for you and your significant other. 

You can blog about various subjects, including relationships, fitness, cooking and hospitability, gaming, food, and travel.

A couple’s vlog on YouTube is one of the best side hustles for couples. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

You get paid for the number of views you get, so you and your partner will split whatever your channel is worth. 

The amount you earn depends on several factors, including the length of your video, but YouTube makes sales through ads and will pay you between $0.10 and $0.30 for each view. That amounts to $3 to $5 for every thousand views. 


Research and brainstorming for interesting and informative video content ideas. Creating outlines, filming and video editing. Interacting with your audience.

Where to Get Started 

To start a YouTube channel, you need a good camera, natural or ample lighting, and good audio. 

4. Blogging 

Couples wrote some of the best blogs I have ever read. There is undeniably something about a pair of people who know a lot about a subject. 

Sell products, information, or services by exploring and combining your creativity. By blogging great content, you increase traffic to your site. The statistics on affiliate marketing are interesting, but they also spell great money opportunities for you and your significant other. 

Is there something you and your significant other are passionate about? Or do you both sell a service or product? 

You must decide what you want to sell to get started as a blogger duo. After that, apportion responsibilities because, believe it, there is a significant number. Editing alone takes considerable time, and so does researching SEO. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

You can earn between $100 to $100,000 monthly. It depends on the popularity of your blog and what you sell. 

Average bloggers earn around $45,000 per year, but some of the best bloggers can earn up to 500,000 dollars per year!


Writing, creating content, editing, linking, and search engine optimization. 

How To Get Started

You need to build a blog, but it is easy. WordPress is a popular blogging platform where you can set up shop for free. You can also host your blog, but you’ll pay for the domain. 

5. Stock Market 

Investing in the stock market means you use some of your savings to buy a segment of a company called shares. The aim is to sell the shares when the price increases in the future. 

Therefore, you should avoid investing without a strategy and enough research. Just like typical trading, you buy low to sell high. 

Trading as a pair is one of the financial perks of being a couple, and your side hustle can be predicting shares that will increase in value. Use your two perspectives to your advantage. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

Once again, it depends on how much and how well you invest in the stock market. But you can make millions or create a fortune – your reach is unlimited. 

You can choose a defensive investing strategy with investing regularly in any S&P 500 ETF fond with low cost.

If you and your partner start with $6000 and adding on end of each year another $6000 to your investing account, you would end up with an end balance of $123,119 after 10 years. Considering the average S&P 500 yearly return rate of 11.88%.


After you choose the right investment strategy, research will become the biggest part of your responsibilities.

  • Understanding the economic factors
  • Getting familiar with the stock market
  • Portfolio and risk management
  • Researching the companies or fund
  • Company and stock valuation
  • Finding the right online broker
  • And understanding the psychology of successful investor

How To Get Started

Your most important skill is a strategy that works. You should consider your risk tolerance, financial goals, leverage if you desire, and the type of stocks you want to invest in. 

Personally, I would start read all the legendary books like “The intelligent investor” or “One up on Walstreet”.

Investopedia is also a good starting point. They have tons of valuable content for free that helps you understand different aspects of investing.

6. Social Media Marketing 

3.78 billion people use social media globally. This is a huge market for manufacturers and just about any monetized industry. 

And if you understand behavioral patterns, you can apply them to social media monetization. You will earn by managing your client’s social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Content creation and captioning are some of the things you will focus on. The idea is to generate leads to the brand’s website and increase its presence. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

Indeed says you can earn an average of $22.59 per hour working as a social media marketer in the US. 


You have to grow the brand’s audience by creating content for its social media accounts. Understand how each social media app works and know how you can reach your target audience with trends and other visual tools. 

How To Get Started

Once you have acquired social media marketing and copywriting skills, create a social media presence. A LinkedIn account will also get you noticed, or you can create a freelancing account. 

7. E-Commerce store 

This is an affordable side hustle for couples. You can sell almost anything virtually, so you don’t need to bother with the capital for a brick-and-mortar site. 

However, an e-commerce store may require investing in other areas unless you run a drop-shipping business. 

You can sell popular items like clothing, accessories, or whatever you fancy. And if you are an artsy couple, you can make and sell DIY items. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

Around 50% of sellers on Amazon make between $1,000 and $25,000 monthly in sales.

You can choose to go big, even though this is just a side hustle. It is your business, so it depends on the amount you invest in it. 


Product research, finding suppliers, and advertising your product are the main tasks you have to master.

How To Get Started

Buy an e-commerce site first, then get a marketing strategy. Once you decide what to sell and where to do it, the marketing strategy helps you expand your audience and generate more sales.

You can use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Squarespace to build your first e-commerce store.

For instance, you can try blogging or social media and produce interesting content for the potential buyers.

8. Cryptocurrency 

If you have an eye for chart movements, you and your significant other can invest in the cryptocurrency market. The concepts of digital assets and decentralized finances are newly emerging, and you can invest in or trade that market. 

Prices are unstable, which can be an advantage and a disadvantage. The upside of crypto trading is that you can make money off the highs and lows.

In contrast, the downside is that the volatility can cost you if you don’t understand the market. 

Fortunately, there are technical and fundamental trading analyses that you and your special person can master and use to make money from cryptocurrency. 

There are also NFT options to consider. Non-Fungible Tokens are an aspect of cryptocurrency that deals with digital art. 

You can mint it, which is the creation, or buy it as an investment. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

It can be between a dollar and a million dollars, if not more. The amount you earn in the cryptocurrency sphere depends on the sum you invest and the accuracy of your market analysis. 


Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies by analyzing market trends.

How To Get Started

Learn about cryptocurrency trends, market behaviors, risk management, trading psychology, and technical and fundamental analysis. 

9. Baby Sitting 

How can couples make money online? Babysitting is one of the ideal side jobs for couples for obvious reasons. Taking care of your client’s children requires a display of affection and dedication that you can only hope to show your kids if you decide to have any. 

Of course, to consider babysitting, you must love children. You must also be ready to care for them and put your foot down when needed. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

According to Indeed, you can earn $18.88 hourly as a babysitter. 


You are responsible for feeding the children and ensuring they get enough rest. You may also handle areas like laundry, helping with assignments, and ensuring the kids get enough exercise. 

How To Get Started

Networking is the best way to start, but you can enlist the help of babysitting apps and websites like UrbanSitter and Sittercity. 

10. Take Surveys Together 

Surveys are indispensable in marketing. Therefore, you and your significant other will certainly find an online source where you can take surveys and get paid. Taking online surveys is a side hustle for couples that you can do in transit, while relaxing in a bathtub, or pretty much anywhere.

In other words, it is a flexible source of income. And all you need to do is answer some questions about the company’s service or product. 

However, there are many scam survey sites. You can identify and avoid them when they request some payment, which is abnormal. 

How Much You Can Earn? 

It depends on the site you work with; some pay up to $50 per survey, while the more popular ones offer an average of $3. 


Answer questions correctly so that the company you work for gets accurate information. 

How To Get Started

Choose a survey site that works for you and your significant other and consider the requirements and pay. The top options include Swagbucks, Survey Club, Survey Junkie, LifePoints, and Branded Surveys. 

They are accessible by residents of the US; all you need is your mobile phone and a stable internet connection to get started. Avoid those that ask you to pay some starter fee, and ensure you go through the terms and conditions and the FAQs to know what you are dealing with. 

Note that a single survey can take up to ten minutes, so this is one side hustle you should only get into if you have enough time.

Five Tips for Couples to Manage Money 

Money management is an essential aspect of adulthood. When there is a responsibility to cater to more than just yourself, you have to become deliberate about your finances, and here is how you and your significant other can manage money better:

1. Joint Account for Shared Expenses 

This one is simple – so that one party won’t take responsibility for major and minor purchases. When there is a joint account, paying for items like your groceries, household utility bills, and other expenses relating to the home will be more manageable. 

When working with a budget, you and your significant other can consider opening a joint account, and you will enjoy many perks that come with this financial step. 

One of the tips bankofamerica recommends for couples is having financial date nights. This is an avenue to discuss your budget and short-term financial aspirations. Whether you want to buy a house, go on a vacation, or invest in property, this is the account to use. 

Discuss the amount to put aside monthly or weekly and the amount that exits periodically. 

2. Separate Accounts for Personal Expenses 

Whether you are married or cohabiting, keeping separate accounts for personal expenses can not only help you save money, but it may also save your relationship. 

With separate accounts, you and your partner can stay on top of your financial goals, budget better, and remain accountable regarding your spending habits. 

Besides, you have different wants and needs, which don’t always cost the same. So to save yourselves from arguments and disagreements over money, maintain separate accounts. 

You can take care of your significant other with money from your account, but it may be best if you manage that aspect of your personal finance yourself. 

3. Trust Your Spouse 

Without trust, you and your partner may be unable to make things work, including your finances. Trust your significant other with the budget, the joint account, and personal finance management if you have long-term intentions for them. 

At the risk of stating the obvious, trust helps your relationship work better. However, your partner also needs to learn to be financially accountable to you, as you are to them. 

4. Set Clear Boundaries 

Clear boundaries matter in everything, especially if you are in a committed relationship. Financially, you need boundaries too. Without a clear definition of financial expectations and requirements, it would be a problem later in your relationship. 

It is better if you and your spouse know your financial obligations and expectations. 

5. Set Goals 

Goals put you on the path to achieving your shared or individual dreams. Set financial aspirations that are long or short-term but, more importantly, feasible. 

So, you and your spouse want to earn and save more? Set realistic goals to help you get there. You can achieve this feat through budgeting; many money-management apps and websites will help you out. 


In 2022, getting rich is as accessible as owning a mobile phone. This gadget provides you and your significant other with endless opportunities to improve your standard of living and retire well like you deserve to. 

Don’t know where to start? I recommend creating a list of what you are both great at and enjoy doing. Then, go over the options I explored again; you will find something that suits you and your significant other. 

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