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How to Turn 10k into 100k

What if I tell you that there is a way to turn 10k into 100k? What if there is a way to earn a 1000% return on investment? There is a way to do that. The best part? It does not involve a Ponzi scheme or any shady or illegal means.

There are many ways to turn 10k into 100k legitimately. You can try your hands in real estate, stocks, or even crypto. There are also IRA, index funds, and bonds that you can dabble in to earn some extra cash. We will go into these methods and more in this article, so read on!

I should preface this by saying that all these ventures are not without risk. For this reason, you should do your research well before you dip your toes into any of the methods I will describe below. Fully understand what you are getting yourself into before you lose a lot of money.

Pro tip: Never put in more money than you are willing to lose.

You should not compromise your livelihood in the pursuit of a million bucks. Yes, that venture seems exciting and it has potential, but that does not mean you should quit your job and put all your money into that business. Always have contingency plans in mind and prepare for the worst. It pays to be ready for anything so you can make sound business decisions.

10 Proven Methods to Turn 10k into 100k

With that little disclaimer and tips out of the way, here are 10 effective methods to turn 10k into 100k.

1. IRA

Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, does what it says on the tin. It is more of a long-term investment because its aim is to cover your finances when you hit retirement. Many employers offer the 401k or 403b plan. The idea is simple: you contribute a portion of your salary before taxes into the account.

There are many benefits here. For one, the money you contribute to your IRA usually gets a tax break. Depending on the plan you choose, this tax break either occurs when you put the money in or when you take it out in retirement.

Okay, you might assume that this is just a funny way of saying “put your money in a piggy bank”, but it gets better. To sweeten the deal, some employers offer to match a certain portion of your contribution, which translates to free money. It adds up pretty fast, and it is shocking to see how much you have in your account when it is time to hang up your hat.

Pro tip: There is an upper limit on how much your employer is willing to contribute, so you do not need to put aside any more salary into 401k. However, make sure you get that maximum contribution. 

2. Index Funds

A lot of people talk about securing their future with index funds, and it is one way to boost your income. There are many index funds you can choose from, which depend on the market condition. Unlike other mutual funds or stocks that you need to trade at a certain time, index funds have lower trading fees because they trade less frequently. Plus, they also lower the investment risk level and improve your chances of making a hefty return on investment.

List with the best index funds with the lowest expenses ration that helps turn 10k into 100k.

3. Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the best ways to get your money to work for you. Of course, depending on where you live, $10k might not be enough to get a property, let alone make it suitable for rentals. So, you need to get creative. Consider pooling your money with other investors who also want to dabble in real estate rentals, so you can start making money on real estate projects.

Crowdfunding websites such as Fundrise or PeerStreet are a good place to start, since you can contribute with only $10 to your name. However, if you can put together $10,000, you have more options. Such platforms do have to make money, so they charge a small fee for their service. You usually get far more than the fee, so you should be making money regardless.

From these platforms, you can make money every quarterly or so and can benefit from all property appreciations. Of course, it is not a fast way to make your money and it can take years to turn your $10k to $100k. Still, it is a good way to diversify your portfolio.

4. Start a Micro Niche Business

You can also try starting your own business. This is no small feat, but you do not have to start big. With around $10k, you can easily create a small business and then develop it from there if it is profitable. The key is to identify a market with the least amount of competition. That means, find something that other people need but not many people are offering to do it.

However, make sure it is something that you are passionate about because there will be those days when you just want to quit. Your passion might just be the thing to stop that from happening. Also, no matter how much you plan, keep in mind that you will need to learn a lot on the fly.

What if you don’t have the capital to open a business? Go online! You do not need an office or any equipment. A computer with a working internet connection is enough. You can run an online business from your home and see if you can make money from there.

5. Flip Websites

If you are a bit tech-savvy and have a flair for creative writing, you can try your hands at flipping websites. Simply locate a blog site, buy it, grow it, and then turn around and sell it for a profit. If you do it right, each blog can fetch up to 40 times their monthly profit.

You can find a marketplace such as Flippa where people buy and sell websites and there are all sorts of websites you can try to work on to make a profit. Of course, you should at least have a fundamental understanding of blogging first before you give this a go.

6. P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending, or P2P or PPL is an investment strategy that involves lending out money to individuals. There is a bit of risk here because you need to know what kind of people to lend money to as well as come up with reasonable terms that allow you to earn enough money while also attracting individual borrowers. These people usually need to pay off high-interest credit cards or consolidate their monthly payments, so they want something with a low interest rate.

7. Bonds

Buying bonds is also a good option. Unlike other methods here, bonds are a safer investment. Governments at all levels and corporates sometimes need funding for various projects, so they issue bonds to investors. Government bonds are especially safe since it is nigh impossible for them to go bankrupt, therefore turning your investment into dust.

Bonds come with fixed-rate interest payments. That means, you get back your initial investment and other gains over time when the project is complete. The return is not as high, but it is a safe option.

A list of U.S. Bonds and Rates.

8. Invest in Crypto

At the moment of writing, the world of cryptocurrency is rather shaky. It makes a comeback every 4 years or so thanks to the “halving” of Bitcoin, the first and most valuable cryptocurrency. The halving occurs roughly every 4 years when the rate of Bitcoin minting drops by half to maintain the coin’s value. You can probably time it so that you can cash out when Bitcoin is at its peak and buy back some when it is at its lowest.

There are many different cryptocurrencies to invest in, and they all have different features. Most of them have their blockchain, a network that powers transactions, and major cryptocurrencies are virtually impervious to cyberattacks. So, what is up with all the news on cyberattacks in the crypto world?

Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. You see, hackers do not go after the blockchain itself. They go after the crypto exchange websites and the users. Those are the weakest links and they are the reasons why hackers manage to pull off these attacks. So, you need to be tech-savvy to fully protect yourself from such incidents.

You can invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and wait for the price to go up and then sell them, or try your luck trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

You can buy cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms such as Coinbase or Binance.

Fair warning: without government oversights, the market is incredibly volatile as well. In fact, a tweet from a celebrity could lead to wild swings in a cryptocurrency’s price. If you want something on the safer side, you can try investing in the stock market.

9. Stocks

The stock market is somewhat speculative like cryptocurrency but is far more stable thanks to government oversights and protection. If you want a hands-off way to make money, investing in stocks is one of the best ways to do it. Many major banks offer to open an investment account for free. Plus, you can get an investment advisor if you want to pay for the service. From there, you can invest in dividend-paying stocks, growth stocks, value stocks etc.

10. Invest in Starter Businesses

Finally, you can try investing in small businesses. Through platforms such as Mainvest, you can find small businesses that need money to fuel their growth. As you would expect, the money you put in will trickle back to you. When the business generates a profit, a portion of it goes straight to you as an investor. Of course, these businesses are quite small, so it will take some time before you turn a profit. Still, if you find a company that has potential, maybe you can earn a lot more than you expect a few years down the line. Plus, there are no restrictions on how many businesses you can invest in, so you can have 10 of them in your portfolio and let them generate income for you.

How Long Does It Take to Turn $10,000 into $100,000

That will depend on the amount of work you put into this venture as well as the risk you are willing to take. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, but also the higher the chance of you losing everything. If you put your $10k into a brokerage account with low to moderate risk, it might take up to 20 years to get $100k.

If you pursue a riskier path and start a business, you can probably earn $100,000 in less than a year. Much faster, but also riskier since there is no guarantee that your business will succeed.

The riskiest method would be through stock or crypto trading. Do it right, and you can increase your balance by 10 times. If not, you might just see $0 in your balance. Both can happen in 24 hours.

Tips on Turning 10k into 100k in One Year

Suppose you want to turn 10k into 100k in a year. What can you do? Here are a few tips.

Go Slow

Start slow. Yes, you want to make money quickly, but rushing leads to mistakes. Take it slow and think before you do anything. Carefully consider the pros and cons and then make your decisions. The last thing you want to happen is to lose money and you dwelling on the what-ifs.

Strategize According to Market Conditions

The market changes all the time. Sometimes, such changes mean that you need to completely overhaul your money-making strategy. So, in addition to staying on top of your business, you also need to stay on top of events in the market as well. The news is usually the best source of information here, so set aside 15 minutes or so every morning to stay up to date. From there, change your business strategy accordingly.

Get Your Calculations Right

This might not be the most appealing method to some people because it involves math. Depending on your income methods, you need to consider taxes, commissions, listing prices, and other expenses for services. There will be a lot of numbers involved, so make sure you calculate everything properly. That is, you want to be certain that you will be making money from your ventures before you actually put your money in. Once it is in, chances are that you have to pay additional fees to take it back out. So, you would lose money unnecessarily.

Rotate Money

When you get your money from your business or investment, you have a few options. You can spend it, which is fine. But you can also use it to invest back into your business or investment to further promote its growth. Yes, you will not get to spend the money right now, but you will earn much more in the future if you do it right.

Money rotation here works by funneling your income from one source to another. Suppose that you know that the price of cryptocurrency is going to go down very soon. Your instinct would be to sell. But what do you do with the extra money? You use it in your online business or to buy stocks.

What Else You Can Do With 10k?

If all of the methods above do not suit your fancy, what else can you do with your money? Here are some ideas.

Invest in Yourself

The best way to spend your money is by investing in yourself. That means, self-growth and personal development through education, certification, apprenticeship, and training. When you invest time and resources into yourself, you might just discover new options to make much more money later.

Debt Management

Sometimes, the best way to make money is to resolve all your debts. So, pay off all your debts and try your best not to accumulate them in the future. Start with high-interest debts first because they do the most damage to your finances, then work your way down from there.

Save More

Be smart about how you spend your money. There are many ways to score some freebies or discounts if you know where to look. For instance, there is an app that helps you find a coupon for your purchase and a browser extension that does the same thing. A bit of common sense, diligence, and technology can save you a lot of money in the long run, so don’t be shy and start digging.


And there you have it. These are some methods you can turn your $10k into $100k. There is no “best” method here. All of them are on a spectrum between “risky” to “safe”, so you have to make the final call.

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